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Maipaima Eco-Lodge


Foster Parrot’s Maipaima eco-lodge is a must-visit Guyana destination. Nestled deep in the rainforest, the drive there is an experience in itself! The twisting road leading to the lodge is covered overhead with a lush canopy and thick vegetation. Screaming pee-haws and other exotic birds ring out during the ride. Eventually, the road opens up to the lodge itself, a series of benabs connected to one another by raised, wooden walkways. The lodge, located at the base of the Kanuku mountains, provides a peaceful atmosphere ideal for relaxing on hammocks, bird watching and enjoying the intimacy of the surrounding rainforest. A creek lines the perimeter of the site and is the perfect way to cool off after a morning or afternoon hike. The food and drink provided over the course of our stay were wonderful. I particularly loved the variety and abundance of fresh squeezed juices.


When I stayed there with Foster Parrots in March 2010, we were fortunate to see a harpy eagle only a short distance from the lodge. The harpy blessed us with its presence for nearly a half hour, creating the perfect photo opportunity and signaling future ones ahead. Trips near the lodge also include hikes to a river, bat overhang, and a local farm. One of the most wonderful aspects to staying at the lodge was the close proximity of howler monkeys.   The wonderful terror of their ominous vocals marked the beginning of each day.


If you make it out to Guyana, don’t miss staying at Maipaima Lodge. Support Amerindian ecotourism efforts and help to protect the Land of Many Waters!


Bill Anderson, Hope Valley, Rhode Island, USA

Photo left: Bill takes a drink from the water vine. 

Dear Marc, Foster Parrots and Maipaima lodge staff,
I have now been back in Denmark for a month now, and I still think of Guyana everyday. Our dear sweet Margaret is definitely one major reason for the success and “smooth” traveling. From day one she went out of her way to help us, I now understand why you love her too.

We really enjoyed Maipaima, especially the people there.  Julita made the best food we had the entire time we stayed in Guyana. She is an awesome cook. 
How sad it is that so few are visiting. What can we do to promote this wonderful place? 
I would love to help these amazing people improve this magical place, please let us know how we can help.

I can see why you keep going back. 

Anna Marie
Hjørring, Demark 

September, 2010

Dear Marc, Foster Parrots and all of my new friends in Guyana,

I keep looking at my Guyana photos, trying to recapture the wonder. I'd really love to sleep in a hammock again and swim in Maipaima Creek and visit Dicky's farm , Karanambu, Rewa, and  Kaiteur and drift down the Rupununi...the harpy, the otters, the macaws...
What a truly memorable trip. I wouldn't have missed in for the world and I will always be grateful to you for arranging it and making it possible....one of the best highlights of my whole life.
Leila McCarter
Feb. 16, 2013